Garage Door Open Notification

Hello All, I am very new to Vera and try as I may I can’t figure out how to get Vera to notify me if the garage door has been left open for x amount of minutes. I’m using the mimolite with the flair magnetic door sensor hooked up to the mimolite. I can set the plugin to notify me if the door is open or closed but not after it has been open for a period of time. I figure I’ll need to create a new scene with Lua code but I don’t even know where to begin. if I knew the command to find out the state of the sensor that is attached to the mimolite, I could put in a delay and if the door is still open send out a notification. However i’m not sure how to do this…but what a marvelous (sp?) way to learn.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

have you looked int the PLEG app? It can create these kinds of notifications quite easily.

the problem with scenes in vera is that there is difficult to select a trigger in the case where ‘nothing’ has happened. It requires some degree of Lua competency.

PLEG is easy to grasp and you can do even more with it.