Garage Door controller failure

I have 2 GoControl/Iris GD00Z Garage Door Controllers and have had them for a few years now. For the most part they have been pretty solid. One of my units would need to be reset every 9 months or so, but honestly I haven’t had an issue in over a year now. Until now. Both units stopped controlling my doors. Within Vera, it would send the command and I would get the Successful message back, but the controller would never actually open the door. I spent a few hours, and probably a dozen attempts, this morning trying to get it paired back to my Vera Plus hub. I even moved my hub within a few feet of the Iris controller. Every single time it would detect the device, but fail to exchange security keys. I’m frustrated and looking to move on to something more reliable. I don’t believe these units are Z-Wave Plus, but from the looks of it, you can now only find the garage controllers used.

I did see on Amazon a Zooz Z-Wave Plus S2 MultiRelay ZEN16 that states it will control up to 3 doors. But this unit will not know if the door is open or closed. I know I will have to add some sort of door/window sensor to know if the door is actually opened or closed. I suspect that this multirelay would act as if I’m just pushing the garage door button on my wall and the door will either open or close. How could I add some smarts so that if it detects the door is closed and I send a close the door command, that it doesn’t accidently open. I’m a huge fan of Reactor and think I could cobble something together. With my Iris controllers I loved that if the hub house mode went to anything but Home, it would send a signal to close the doors.

Alright. I feel like I have rambled enough. Any suggestions to replace my Iris/GoControl units? Could the Zooz multirelay be as easy to setup and fail proof that I don’t accidently open a closed door when I really wanted to make sure it was closed?

Thanks in advance.

I have one of the GoControl units that started acting up right after it was out of warranty. It’s been abandoned for support but what I did find in a couple of forums out there was a fix. Rather technical, the problem has to do with the led light/lamp on the board and how the circuit was designed poorly. Most of the problems with the unit are remedied if the led is either replaced or bypassed with a resistor. Involves light solder iron use. In my case, the fix worked great and the GoControl opener has been working flawlessly ever since, including solid connection with Vera Plus over Zwave.

I haven’t had any experience with other "outboard’ opener controls. I have had very positive experiences with three Liftmaster installs using both the built-in wifi on the opener and older models using the MyQ gateway. Integration with Vera was via the plug-in, which has had it’s own ups and downs Chamberlain/Liftmaster continually updates their authorization protocols. There’s a fix out there again but requires some careful attention to get it working right again.


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