Garage Door Control using third party keypad such as Iris

Hello. The way my vacation house is positioned, it’s much easier to exit and enter from the garage than the front door. There is no regular door on that side of the house only the garage. The garage doors both have Vera controllers.

I’m looking for a keypad that could be placed outside that would be programmed to open / close the garage doors via that kepad. (Note, I don’t want to use the REGULAR garage remote keypads that you can purchase since I cannot easily add/delete PIN codes remotely or place restrictions on them.)

I see a few keypads available that are designed to arming or disarming that work with vera… (e.g., and I know they are for indoor use… However, I think it would be not hard to place that or a similar keypad in a weather protective environment assuming the code could be used to program the garage door. Anyone have any experience?