Garage door control using Qubino Flush 1D Relay

Have setup a Qubino Flush 1D Relay to control garage door as a momentary switch. However, cannot figure out the following:

  • change icon from light bulb to a door
  • act like a momentary switch, rather than showing on/off status (like a light)
  • remove from the All Lights On/Off function on homepage.

Anybody have solution?

Hi and welcome

1 and 3
change category number in device - advanced - parameters, to 32

2 May be a manufacturer setting in the manual.

sorry i do not have the device for a definate answer on 2

Thanks EICid, changing category to 32 resolved issue 1 and gave me a garage door icon. However still seems to operate under the lighting group though when clicking on ALL lights (Issue 3). There is a parameter (Variable 10)to set which I have added in the device config settings, but still doesn’t seem to work

Item - momentary switch, this also is a parameter which I have set as per Qubino instructions (to ‘0’ in Variable 1)

what is the sub category in th advanced parameters?
normally setting category 2 or 3 will put a device in the all on group. some sub categories are excluded
Best practice, when changing params or variables, is to reload luup engine and hard refresh browser when done.

When I changed category to 32, the sub-category field dropped off and isn’t available anymore in advanced parameters.
I’ve done a hard refresh of browser.
Side note, the field 'device_json" still has text “D_BinaryLightQubino1DRelay.json” and device file is still referencing D_Binarylight1.xml - would this have anything to do with it?
Plus, the icon on the device list page is still showing a light globe, but when I go into the device settings it shows up as a garage door…?

Yes the device file look right, as it will act like a switch.
If i had a quibino relay i could be more help. Hopfully some with one will confirm this.
As i said the all on/off commands should only work on category 2 and 3.

How are you monitoring the state of the garage door? If you have a sensor a would recommend installing the garage door plugin, the only culprit is that it is based on door lock config files so it will show as door lock on webgui but garage door in apps.

@crille have just installed a Dome Door pro sensor on the door

Hello. I have 3 qubino 1d reley with door sensor installed.
To activate the door sensor, enter the value 1 in the Variable 100.
Then on the device to be added, enter the following settings:

device_type: urn:schemas-micasaverde-com:device:DoorSensor:1
device_file: D_DoorSensor1.xml
device_json: D_DoorSensor1.json
category_num: 4
subcategory_num: 1

I have a problem with these door sensors. They are 18 meters away and sometimes, the state can take 10 minutes to update. The module always works well with on / off, but the door sensor has this problem. I have the network reinforced with extenders, but for the door sensors installed in the qubino this is irrelevant. Anyone with this problem who can help me?

Whenever I press “poll now” on the commands of qubino 1d, the door sensor updates correctly … Can anybody help me?

What polling do you have set on the sensors?

the sensor is a child of the qubino 1d

so it has no settings. Qubino 1D comes as it is in the image … but regardless of what I configure it does not solve the problem. although when I “poll now” the sensor updates the status, sometimes “poll now” does not work. the on / off features, always works well.

Try changing parameter 100 to 9 - Binary sensor.

According to the manual you need to exclude/include changing this parameter.

NOTE 1: After changing the values of the parameter, first exclude the device (without setting the parameters to their default values), then wait at least 30 seconds to re-include the device!

good afternoon … that’s all ok … the sensor is paired well l…

I already tried to unpair and pair again and it is good … after a few days it returns to the same problem … if you cut off the power of the 1d qubino and reconnect, it will be fine for a while and then the delay will come back

Yes, but have you tried value 9 instead of 1 for parameter 100 in the relay settings? Configuring the I2 endpoint as a binary sensor seems more correct for a door sensor.

I made the change and it was the same … the strangest thing is that I cut the power to the module and turn it back on and it looks good for a while

I made this change and turned off the power and turned it back on. at the moment it is good, but it is normal to be good just by turning the power off and on again.