Garage door and Alarm System status

Hello. I would like to control my garage door with a MimoLite. I have a DSC alarm system with plugin.

What I aim for is this:

  • use status for Garage door from the alarm system
  • if Alarm is Armed, garage door control is not active (button would not open garage door)

I want to avoid remotely operating the garage door if alarm system is armed…

Any idea?

What app you using?

In my Homewave and Imperihome I just have all important devices, like door locks and garages set to ask for confirmation before it runs. This just prevents accidental swiping of the button.

Other then that you would have to setup a scene that runs the garage door vs. running it from main mimo plugin. Again this works better with one of the two apps above.

You can hide or not add the main mimo device and create a scene button that runs and only runs when the alarm is not set.

Indeed, I use Homewave and I use this confirmation feature for many controls (door locks, pool heat pump…). I wanted a more foolproof system for the garage door.

So my suggestion would be to create a scene or use PLEG (what ever your currently using for logic) and use that to open and close the garage. This way you can run a scene to open door only if alarm is not set. Hide the mimo or main switch and replace it with a scene control button.