Front door videocam/bell-can it be seen and used through Vera3?

I would like to set up one of those video cam/intercom-doorbells at my front door, but only if I could view it through Vera3. Does anyone know if that can be done and if so WHAT DO I BUY. I would really like BRAND NAME recommendations if possible. Also, I know you can view those things over your TV. If I add the videocam/intercom/bell to Vera, will that mean that I can not also view it over the TV? Do I need an Internet TV?
Thank you!

You’ll need an IP based one, or one with an analog output that can be plugged into something like the following to allow you to use it with Vera.:

As far as viewing it on your TV, it depends on what sort of TV you have and what sort of camera. I have a Panasonic IP camera for instance that can be viewed on my Panasonic TVs (they both have ethernet). Its also possible that some other manufacturers like Samsung for instance may have apps for generic cameras!

The other options are to get something opposite to the link above, that takes an IP video stream, and converts back to analog or find one of these cameras that has some sort of wireless video sender with a composite video output that could also be used by both the TV and the IP video adapter.