Frequent Restarts


I have been experiencing my vera restarting a few times a day lately. How do I figure out why this is happening?


There are a few threads about this and some very recent. Have you done a search on the forum for restarts? Some of those threads have very good information where to start and information that you should provide in your thread for others to help.

Vera model
Vera UI version
Plugins installed

  • Garrett

Hi all.
I’m experiencing the same issue since yesterday: one restart every 2 ou 3 minute, I’ve changed nothing with the modules or with the plugins or with the scenes. It happened, just by magic.

I’ve tried to search into the forum but didn’t found anything really related. Every thread is about a plugin working bad, or about ERGY, or about misconfiguration… My system is running well for more than 2 years now and this is the first time I have lots of restarts like that.

My Vera is a Vera 3 with the firmware 1.5.622, I’m from France. Here are my installed plugins:

  • Wunderground Weather Plugin - 1.54
  • Variable Container - 1.8
  • Heliotrope - 7.0
  • Google Calendar Switch - 1.251
  • WOLPlusPing - 1.2
  • WakeUp Light - 0.9
  • Countdown timer - 6.0

I’ve put a Timeout of 10 seconds on the socket.http function, all the batteries of the devices are OK…

Any idea of what could be changed since yesterday? Is there anyone who know something from the MCV servers?

Thanks for help

Try to restore from a previous nights backup …
Sounds like the Persistent Memory Store file got screwed up.

If you know how to ssh into your Vera …
Save the file: /etc/cmh/user_data_json.lzo somewhere …
If the restore works … it will be good to analayze The screwed up file as compared to a working one … to see what may have caused the problem.

Thx for reply :smiley:

I’ll give a try and say if it works or not. Thx again.

Didn’t worked :cry:

Got this line in the log before each restart:

Failed to get lock(0xc1dd14) Lua: LuaInterface.cpp:2047 last used LuaInterface.cpp:2047  first used LuaInterface.cpp:2047  thread: 0x2b5b7680 (>13646)  handler 0x424934 bOkToFail 0 <0x2c3b7680>

I’ve been having restarts for the past week or two as well. though they’ve gotten better. I’m still trying to narrow down the issue. I’m about ready to:

  1. completely dismantle my system and just live without “automation” and sell off all the pieces, or
  2. completely remove all devices from the vera, remove all plugins, do a factory reset, and start over (Not sure this is worth my time), or
  3. Look into another system like openHab.

As time goes on “1” is seeming more and more like the right route, but I do love the home automation stuff, so it likely won’t be my path.

I’ve noticed that most of my restarts are in correlation to talking to my schlage lock. It could just be coincidence though.

@ Shaigan,
See the prior discussion on how to interpret those types of crashes, and self-diagnose:,25656.msg181566.html#msg181566

… short version, you need to look at a wider swath of the logs, specifically back-tracing to the cause part (which is typically[sup]*[/sup] 60+ seconds earlier)

There are a lot of things that can break a long-running Vera that hasn’t recently seen changes 8)

Without detailed logs being posted (etc), anything else is going to be a WAG.

[sup]*[/sup] Most commonly, but not always

And of course there is also the option of a support request … they are pretty good at fixing this kind of stuff … they just down’t tell you what they did.