Frequent connectivity issues with Hub, possible solution


I recently upgraded my DSL/WiFi router and from that day I lost connection to the Hub multiple times a day. The Hubs light would turn red and only turning it off and on again would restore connectivity. After some research I found that the WiFi implementation of the Hub is pretty crappy and Logitech has a very short list of (old) modems they support. For a WiFi connected device this is, well, let’s say ‘odd’. :o

What I found is that if you lock the 2.4GHz WiFi channel on your router to a specific one rather than letting your WiFi router dynamically find the best the problem nearly goes away. The connectivity issues are now less that once every two to three weeks.

So if the plugin frequently reports loss of connectivity, try the above, it may help in your case as well.

Cheers Rene