Free Fibaro APP IOS works with Vera but not Fibaro HC2

just been playing with the iphone and had fibaro installed from before i owned vera and was just playing with the demo modes but I noticed elsewhere someone had put their vera IP in the settings and got connectivity.

there are two fibaro apps and the “Fibaro” one connects to Vera although “Fibaro HC2” which is in English and is different just wont connect?

I know this probably is a loophole in the fibaro app but its a great app and nicely customisable and is free!!

anyone had any joy with getting the HC2 app working?

I believe HC2 is completely different from HC1 and is not based off of mios but a new platform that Fibaro developed. So it will not be able to connect to Vera.

  • Garrett

See also some words on that by Fibaro here.