Foscam + SQ Remote HD


I want to buy this cam : [url=][/url]
Can you get full control of the camera by controling it trough a webview in SQ remote using Ipad’s Safari browser ?


There’s really no “full control” to have of that cam, it doesn’t PTZ, which makes it a view only cam. But I have tried several different ways to view my foscams in webview on my iPad and haven’t found a way yet. The problem (as far as I can tell) is that cam requires some sort of password to view in a browser and for some reason, in webview, it never asks for it so you just end up with a white screen. Of course you can use the cam view on SQ but for some reason it’s tiny and I can’t find a way to adjust that.

Have you tried to embed the username and password in the url?

I haven’t done this with a foscam, but it worked with my Panasonic camera.

You need to format the url something like this:


That works fine ;D ;D
Thanks for the information.
The only thing that i don’t like is that you get a small view in the left corner above.
Is it not possible to fill the entire webview ?

Haven’t tried it in a while so I’m not sure, but I seem to remember my Panasonic one used to fill the whole screen… Although this may have been with the non HD version zoomed 2X, and maybe there’s a bug where is only renders at the normal iPhone size!? Perhaps look into the URL format to see if you can specify one at a certain size?

If I get the chance later I’ll try to add it again and see what mine does.

There’s apps for Foscam cameras on iOS. Much easier than using a browser.

But not so convenient, if you are already in the app controlling other stuff. I hate switching apps.


Yes i know the app for a foscam but ass strangely already said, i do hate switching between apps too.
I tried to do some modification in the url but i still get that small image.
Changing the resolution gives me a small and a very small view.
Maybe it’s camera related, i don’t know but i would be very happy when there was a solution to fix it.


I re-tried this the other day and I only get a smaller image in the corner of my iPad also, and one way to get round this (temporarily) is to pinch scroll the screen to fill the size you want! Not ideal but it works!


Yes, that works, for now we have to do it this way.
Thanks a lot !!

Come on sq remote guys, fix it ;D ;D