Foscam inclusion woes


I have a Foscam that I am trying to set up with my Veralite. After unsuccessfully going through the automatic adding process included with UI5, I started searching this forum. I have found numerous threads which discuss this issue and I have tried many of their proposed results. Ultimately, I used the advice in this post:,10599.0.html to go to Develop Apps → create device to get Vera to recognise my camera. I now see a proper device with a preview and ‘View’ ‘Archive’ and ’ Record’ buttons, however, whenever I select ‘View’, I get a very short picture displayed (presumably a snapshot preview) which then disappears into a broken image link. Has anyone else had these problems/know how to make it work?

Many thanks

Hey BAR, I was able to fix mine by putting in a trouble ticket. Also, see this thread which has some other responses:,12725.0.html

Good luck!