Foscam FI9821w v2 and FI8918W to work with Veralite

There are tons of posts in regard to setting up these cameras however that are HUGE and multiple pages long!!. Is there a simple guide to installing these cameras and using the motion sensor of these cameras? My specs are:
Veralite UI5
VistaCam Classic Motion Sensor Mios Plugin/App
VistaCam SD, PT & HD for UI5 Mios Plugin/App
Foscam Fi9821w v2 (installed and working on my network)
System Firmware
Plugin-In Version
Foscam Fi8918W which is actually Wansview NCB 541w (installed and working on my network)
Device Firmware

Also, is there a software (like EVO Cam) that i can install and use with all my cameras? I have other USB camera’s and older ip camera’s that i would like to use as well if possible.

can’t speak to Blue Iris but people rave…

Can this communicate and be integrated with veralite?

i’ve read about some plugin development on the forum. try a search while you look for alternatives.

I run Blue Iris and it works well. They have an app for both Iphone and androids ( I have both). I currently run (5) FI8921w v2 and one FI8910w on them.

Blue iris doesn’t really integrate with Vera. Sure you can get Blue iris to trigger a scene in Vera but its threw alot of code and that’t about it.

Blue iris runs on my computer and I use for recording, If I’m away I get notifications from blue iris app from certain cameras, like my front door. Any motion near my front door sends me an alert I can click on and it opens blue iris to show me the live shot or recorded motion it saw. Their app is setup nice.

In Vera I have the cameras added to just like any other IP camera but using the Foscam app in vera. I can view the same cameras in vera. I have been tempted to just remove the cameras from Vera several times. In Vera it’s very slow to view live cameras. Pan and Tilting them seems to also have problems. It has a slight delay that is not there when going threw blueiris in both picture and pan and tilt.

With the cameras in Vera I can monitor them from my Vera app of my choice (on my ipad or andriod phone, or web browser on computer) but its really better to just open the blueiris app (or web browser on computer) and view from there and thats what I find myself doing since its much better. Of course I can’t see my recorded footage currently from my Vera and that’s probley what I do more of.

I’m starting to wonder why have everything crammed into one. So right now I’m using both just to technically I can control everything from one app, but eventually I’ll get rid of the cameras in Vera completely as its just not as good as opening a dedicated app.

i think the reason why people want to integrate it into vera is to use it to trigger some scenes, for example i use it to trigger sonos to auto play when i enter a room. or to trigger alarm when it’s armed at night

i use ipcam app too to have a quick glance on what’s happening with the cameras, i wouldnt login to vera just to do that, unless i am already logged in and working on some stuffs

Blue Iris app does this. But so do my motion sensors, which are alot cheaper and installed with the alarm.

oh wow didnt realise there is blueiris plugin for vera

thanks for that, something to be considered

Blue Iris plugin does not work with Ui7.

So do alot of other plugins. Hence why most downgrade or have stayed on ui5. Thread after thread of issues still being resolved for ui7 but little to no benefit on upgrading. Only thing I have read is looks, but from my phones and tablet that I use that don’t matter either.