Foscam F18918W camera set up in Vera3

I am trying to set up my camera with Vera3 and after adding the device it says camera requires name and password in the video window. I am not sure how to change this since the camera comes with a default of name of admin and no password. Any help would be appreciated.

put only the admin and let password blank

Username and password can be added if you press the wrench and go to the bottom of settings.

If you look at the foscam documentation, they have in very bold letters that you should change that password. You can do that in the foscam screen on the maintenance page that you used to connect it to the network and all of the other settings. You should change the admin to something else, and add a password. Then on the vera maintenance wrench, put the new userid and password so it will have access to the camera. They also recommend assigning a port to the camera’s ip address which will again require you to go back to the foscam documentation and adding the new port number to the ip address. with uuuu being the port number. Once you set up port forwarding in your router, you will be able to view that camera from any internet browser (a nice side benefit). Now you are about as secure as foscam recommends. if the port story is confusing, then concentrate on changing the userid and password and work your way up.

See my post:,23389.0.html
I believe you may need to rollback your firmware version.

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