Foscam camera as motion sensor ???

Does anyone know if a Foscam outdoor camera (which is currently connected to a Foscam NVR) is compatible with Vera to be used as a motion sensor?
The camera is connected on the same IP network as the VeraEdge and is ONVIF compliant.
I can view the camera from my computer via a browser. If that information helps.

Basically I want an inside light to turn on when motion is detected and then turn off after motion stops for a minute.

My Foscam camera (indoor) can send emails on triggers. You may be able to use that with some other plugins (I believe there is one that can trigger from Gmail?)

I don’t use Vera for plugins, but the [tt]openLuup[/tt] emulator running on a RaspberryPi, so can’t speak in detail of the options that are available to you on Vera only.

Having said that, I do find the Foscam a very useful motion detector.