Foscam 8910W and 8919W UI5 Integration broken after firmware upgrade

I have 1 indoor Foscam 8910W and 1 outdoor 8918W, that I simply used the “Add IP Camera” feature within UI5 to add both cameras in. It has been working fine for months.

Recently, due to Foscam’s security recommendation, I went ahead and upgraded the firmware on both of my cameras, and the most noticeable change I saw was: During login, instead of showing a “pop up login prompt” to ask me for the username and password, it now becomes a “web based login page”. If I go through a web browser, I just need to type in my usual admin login and it will work.

But this broke UI5. My UI5 now cannot access the camera anymore, with an error message stating “camera requires a valid username and password” inside the preview window.

Anyone has a way to resolve this? Thank you.

Please see this thread this has been discussed before and might be of help:

  • Garrett