Foscam 8910 Motion Detection Sensitivity

Just starting to play with the sensitivity setting for motion detect on my cam. I started at 10, but that sent some false indications. Backed it off to 5, and it did detect motion (me) during the day - have to test at night.

Can anyone share any experience in setting the sensitivity number?

Thanks, Bob

Inside I have it at 3, outside on 5. However especially outside I get many “false” notifications.
I was shocked about the amount if dust you see at night with the inside camera

The motion sensitivity in the 2 Foscam’s I have are impossible to set in a way to make them reliably detect motion and not get excessive false triggers. I’ve given up on that. I have one that has the IR cut filter, and every morning and evening as the sun rises and sets and this filter cuts in and out, I get a motion detect. Ugh. At least I know the sun is working as it should each day. I set them at 4 or 5.

I’m curious to know if Blue Iris can do any better as a motion detector with the image. In any case, I’m eventually going to install an alarm system and use their motion sensors which I believe are far better.

Thanks all. I kinda didn’t really expect that motion detection via comparing video frames was going to be a winner, but I had the cam and just wanted to play around with it. I will continue to play and post anything if I make some sense of it.


Well, I just had an interesting session playing around withe Foscam motion detection, and thought I would pass on my experiences.

First of all, I was successful setting the motion detection and motion sensitivity on with


But note that the motion_sensitivity parameter value is INVERTED from the value you set in the cam setup screen when connecting your browser to the IP address. In the CGI manual (IP Camera CGI V1.21) it clearly shows the value is 0-9 with 0 being the highest sensitivity. In the cam setup, the pulldown is from 10 to 1 with 10 being the highest. it is obviously important to know this!

Also, be aware that running the above code should not be done when you have the cam in the Device Management screen mode. If so, the command will be ignored. I found this out the hard way when I had a second browser window open to see if Vera was setting the parameters correctly and it didn’t take. If you are viewing the Device Management screen, click BACK to the main screen before running your Vera scenes.

I haven’t gotten around to playing around with the sensitivity number yet.


I too am trying to adjust Foscam motion detection sensitivity…
I found this reference from Foscam indicating that setting “Motion Compensation” dampens response to changes in light levels.
jswim788 might be interested. I can assure you that if the sun does not rise one morning it will not matter to any of us for very long.