Forwarding servers for UI7??

Hello there.

I have a VeraEdge running UI7. On the wiki, there are references to,, and, all of which are for remote controlling a vera unit. I understand is relevant to my unit because it’s UI7, and indeed I can remotely access my controllers with that website.

On the wiki (Data Provider Catalog Plugin - MiOS), there are references to being able to send http commands to your controller’s port 3451 through Example:

I cannot find any documentation for UI7 for accessing port 3480 on my veraedge via

Does or another site function as a forwarding server? Am I able to send http commands to 3480 on my device remotely?

Would love to know!

Yes you can. But you will have to establish authentication first. This is what all the apps do. There’s a thread discussing how to do this but I can’t find it right now.


The topic is labeled UI6 … but it is for UI6 and later releases such as UI7.

Wow, you really put in the work! Thanks for pointing me to your doc, Richard.