Forum upgrade update broke Tapatalk

Hey MCV,

Great to see you updated to Simple Machines Forum. Unfortunately it seems to have broken Tapatalk.

Can you please check if you need to update the forum’s Tapatalk plugin? I read that there is support for Tapatalk in SMF.


I told Vali about this and he will upgrade the Tapatalk plugin shortly. Meanwhile, if you encounter any other issues with the new forum upgrade, post them here.

Not an issue, but possibly a refinement: make the logo transparent?

My issue is why is MCV spending man power on a forum that is not broke instead of fixing problems that have been in place since Vera came out … like Leviton devices not talking to each other!!! I may sound a little negative … this is aimed at management because I have had great results working with MCV support.

I think the Icons on the left are little too big…The Icons stand out way too much than the topics, some may (like me) find it little less pleasing…Just my thought…

Someone was attempting to breach the Forums application yesterday, so I suspect they upgraded the forums as a preventative measure to ensure they’re on the “latest” to avoid any potential issues. That’s a reasonable reason to do an upgrade, esp if it’s preventative…

For non-newbie users, you should be able to use your Profile options to change to one of several different “styles” that are exposed by the new forum, if they don’t like the default style. It’s under “Look and Layout”, and I’ve set mine to “SMF Default Theme - Curve”…

I changed the logo with a prettier one. :slight_smile:

@guessed is right, there was an (thankfully failed) attempt of SQL injection on the forum, so we upgraded it to the latest version hoping that this is more secure.

I don’t like the default skin either, so I changed mine to SMF Default Theme - Curve too, though this one is not perfect either. There’s too little white space between threads.

Do you have any suggestions for a nice skin?

Nice work!

Tapatalk works again now. Thanks!

Interestingly, I’ve noticed (lately) that in Tapatalk for iOS, I have a profile picture–whereas with the web-based client, I don’t. I didn’t upload a profile picture (anywhere), which makes it more interesting still. What makes it the most interesting is that it’s the same profile picture that oTi@ uses.

Not exactly sure how it happened, and I’m fairly certain that it’s a Tapatalk issue rather than MCV’s implementation of it.

I think it would be smart if topics could be marked as [SOLVED] by the initial poster or any moderators. So we know there’s nobody waiting for help anymore. Or should we add that in the title?