Forum search

I used to have hard time finding the right post when I have a problem to solve - the built-in search is far from sophisticated.

So I put together a little custom search engine for this forum - it let you use all the power of the google search options, but filters out all the irrelevant stuff from the web. The cheat sheet for search params is there (don’t know about you, but I prefer to have it in front of my eyes)

It works for me, feel free to try it out:

thank you, this is very useful in narrowing down a search and making it more precise. I dig it. :slight_smile:

this search is build on one of your own domain names ? (in fact, what is the process to build other Google custom search for other sites ?) :slight_smile:

I changed the search to include results from Wiki and in addition to the forums - don’t want to miss the good stuff

For documentation purposes: Programmable Search Engine by Google

@325xi is one of your domain name ?

Thank you, this could be a good step to support this thread:

Yep - it’s great the plugins are now in a separate sub-forum.

I used to search for them anyways. With all the google’s options like AND, OR, + (include), and - (exclude) it’s much easier then with the built-in SMF search engine.