Fortrezz WWA02 and original Vera

I am running a “old fashioned” original Vera UI4/1.1.1350. Runs what I need perfectly - haven’t had need to touch it in quite a while.

This changed recently and I’m trying to add a Fortrezz WWA02 water sensor - really just want to get an email/text alert if water is detected.

The sensor shows up as a “generic IO” device with on/off but notifications seem fairly limited.

Does anyone have experience with this sensor and the older Veras to setup a simple “your basement is wet” notification, or is it time for me to break down and get new hardware?



Others have reported this device showing up as Generic IO as well. You may be able to modify the device details with the correct device file XML (assuming it exists on your UI4 system).

Have a look at this thread:


Thanks for the pointer, that worked for me.

Appreciate your help!