Fortrezz WMA-01 Questions

Just recently purchased a Vera 2 (running Version 1.1.1245) and some Z-Wave devices to test with. I do not fully understand how the WMA-01 and Vera interact.

  1. The GUI for Water Freeze Alarm shows a battery and thermometer, it does not display current temperature or leak status, I can view the temperature under “Configure/Control” for the device. Why isn’t current status displayed in the GUI for the WMA-01?
  2. Under “Notifications” what is the different between “Leak is detected” and “Leak alarm”?
  3. “Poll now” returns an error of “Cannot send command to node”. Why? Some devices that I “Poll now” return “Successfully polled node” and others return “Cannot send command to node”, is this because some devices do not support on demand polling?
  4. For this device and all other devices the “Log” tab does not have any information displayed. Why?
    Thanks in advance for the help.



Regarding 3), a lot of battery operated devices are essentially always asleep; they can therefore not be polled on-demand.

Regarding #4, all logs have been moved to cp.mios. Don’t know why. I also don’t know why they left the log tabs.

How do you access the Logs on cp.mios? The information under “Events” is only Notification info. If I SSH to Vera I can view the raw LuaUPnP.log. Is this the only way to review the logs?

Does anyone have any comment / experience with questions 1 and 2?

Please let me clarify my last post. I do see under Device #0, event types. There is no info for any of the devices on any day. Am I missing something??

The Leak alarm event is for the Fortrezz WMA-02.

To see what’s currently going on you can use the in-browser method.

Does anyone have any comment / experience with questions 1 and 2?
#1 (and #4 as mentioned by @S-F) I think are 'normal, just the way it is'. As to the [i]why[/i], MCV would probably have to answer that.