Fortrezz Water/Temp sensor updates?

Sounds like a new firmware is coming out sometime soon, so will this update have a better UI Icon to show the TEMP of this device? Currently, UI3 shows the temp only if you go under ADVANCED and scroll down to the temp variable

I’d like this device and others that are “multisensor” to show the relevant sensor data in the icon. The mobile Smartphone interface also only shows the arm/disarm (water sensor) but not the temp. I use one of these to monitor my basement and crawlspace temps and have been waiting forever for full support of the Fortrezz Water/Freeze sensor and other very cool fortrezz devices.

thanks MCV, I hope this doesn’t fall on deaf ears.

bump for better fortrezz support…I’m not only a Z-wave enthusiast, but I’m a gardener too…Hydroponics and would love to hear about support for water sensors with temp, and other fortrezz devices like water valves etc.


@mcvovidiu, any word on that?

count me in as an interested party. Just was reading about this on the ASIHome website.
Would hope that it would be able to email me on water or low temp alert…