Fortrezz water freeze sensor

Hey how can you set up an alert for temp with the fortrez water/temp sensor.,The device only shows as a motion sensor when setting event/notification.
Vera now reports in deg F Yahoo.,

From the manual:

  • The WWA-01 sends the Basic Set Command to the associated nodes assigned to Group1 to convey that a Water Alarm is active. If no nodes are assigned to Group 1, then a Binary Sensor Report (value = 0xFF) is broadcast. The reports are sent at regular intervals while the water alarm is active. When the water alarm is cleared via the button, one additional report (with status = no alarm) is sent.

  • The WWA-01 sends the Basic Set Command to the associated nodes assigned to Group2 to convey that a Freeze Alarm is active. If no nodes are assigned to Group 2, then a Binary Sensor Report (value = 0xFF) is broadcast. The reports are sent at regular intervals while the freeze alarm is active. When the freeze alarm is cleared due to temperature rise, one additional report (with status = no alarm) is sent.

So, my understanding is that since Vera is not associating any devices directly to Group1 or Group2, a basic Binary Sensor Report is sent for both of the Alarms, hence tripping the “motion” sensor. And there seems no way to figure out which alarm (water or freeze) was triggered…

My issue is not with the reporting but that Vera does not allow some sort of event or notification by a temp level. Okay so it’s not a temp association. but vera polls the device. it could be used to report a temp when a certain temp is reached.

I have this issue as well, I have the Fortrezz water/temp and really it can only be used for water detection, the freeze sensor does report the temp, but vera has no way of polling this temp and setting a trigger on a certain temp. This makes the freeze sensor useless in this device, at least with Vera. I do need to update to the Luup firmware and will report back here if I figure it out.

I also have the 3 in 1 motion sensor HSM100 and not sure if I can get Vera to alert on temp with this device? I’ll give it a shot

The freeze sensor will trigger the same alarm you get from water sensor, according to the manual quoted above. While Vera receives the temperature reading every time the sensor wakes up, it cannot do anything useful with it, like zmistro said.

With HSM100, Vera integrates its light and temperature sensors into the Scenes events, so you can have “brightness level reached” and “temperature reached” events to trigger scenes.

Thanks for the clarification, this DOES work for both water and freeze, its a single alarm for water or low temps, so if you setup a scene in Vera you really don’t know if the problem is water or low temperature. I think this is where the confusion comes from. I setup two scenes in Vera, one Water alert and one freeze alert. If I stick the Fortrezz in water, I get an alert. If I stick it in the freezer for 20 min, I get the same alert.

Anyway, got it working and it works as advertised, perfectly! I love this little device and its amazing how simple it is, yet how much it can save your a$$ if you have a water leak or frozen pipes!

This is fine with me, since I won’t need a freeze alert here in Long Beach. ;D I’ll order one today. Thanks!

Could you help me with one little question? What does the “Tripped?” drop down mean? Since we’ve just selected “An armed sensor is tripped” in the previous drop down, this question and its drop down is not intuitive to me.

Not sure, this was set by default so I left it. Maybe someone else can elaborate why we would set this any different?

Tripped=Yes is when the sensor gets tripped, Tripped=No is when it gets “untripped” :slight_smile:

For motion sensors the first event comes when motion is detected the first time. Then only when there was no motion for some period of time (default 20 min for HSM100), then it sends the second event.

For water/freeze sensor, the second event is supposed to come when you clear the alarm by holding the button on the sensor for >2 seconds…

I went one step further with my water / freeze sensor. I installed a solenoid controlled water shut off valve on my main water line and it is plugged into a Z-wave wall outlet. When the water sensor detects water a scene turns the power to the solenoid off via the Z-wave outlet thus turning off the water to the house. It takes may hours to get to my summer house so this becomes a very inexpensive way of controlling further damage. The freeze sensor turns on heater cords that are wrapped around my outside water pipes.

JimMac, pardon if this is too basic a question, but does your setup also mean that water becomes unavailable to the summer house whenever electrical power goes out (such as during a thunderstorm)?

If the power goes out I could plug the solenoid power cord into my UPS power supply, it should last at least 5 hours but it would do me little good since I’m on a well for water, no power = no water. If the power is off for an extended time I will need to fire up the generator.

Check this: