Fortrezz SSA2US Does not stay connected to Vera

I have three Fortrezz SSA2USR Siren Strobe Alarms] in my home for a few months now.

All three devices seem to randomly disconnect and reconnect from my Vera Lite causing intermittent service.
When I do get an error, it says “Transmit failed with code 2”
Sometimes it will reconnect on it’s own and it will work fine.
If I press the connect button on the bottom it will always reconnect on the spot.
Removing and re-installing the alarms does not fix my issue.

One alarm is just a few feet from the base unit, the other two are about 25’ away with several powered Z-Wave repeaters in between.

All my other locks, cams, door sensors, light switches, scene switches and motion detectors work perfectly.

This was the response from Fortezz Tech.
I’m not sure what could be the issue. It sounds like the others unit(s) is/are losing track of the SSAs. I don’t know much about Vera Light, but I read on one of the forums for routing issues that they could try unchecking “Use Vera routing instead of Z-Wave (requires 4.5)” and “Limit neighbors to Z-Wave discovery (requires Vera routing)” to see if that solves problems.

Any suggestion from here?

I have one of these devices, and I have noticed that its Z-Wave range isn’t that good (relative to other outlet-powered Z-Wave devices). Getting “Transmit failed with code 2” means that you are having transmission problems. You can verify this by polling the devices and see the poll results. Try getting one of the problematic devices closer to Vera and see if that helps.

I doubt unchecking “Use Vera routing instead of Z-Wave” and “Limit neighbors to Z-Wave discovery” would help; but you can try to do an overnight heal hoping that Vera would find more optimized routes to the sirens.

Of course, I’m assuming you are plugging the devices into an outlet (not powering them using batteries only)

What is your thoughts on the siren with Vera? When they work how do you like it? I wanted to get the iris security panel but I don’t think will pair with Vera but it does have the call function which I was lookin for.

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They are fine when they do work.
It looks like a regular light dimmer on your Vera control panel.
If you set the light to 10%-30% the light will just flash and anything higher, it will be both the light and the siren.

My intent was to have the light flash if we have one of the gates or garage door opened when we are home and have it go on the siren.

They are built cheaply so you can’t put them outside. Also the siren will go off if it is disconnected from the power so if you get a power outage…

It is a pity that they disconnect from Vera on their own.
I still need to find a fix and there are really no other light/sirens available for Z-Wave.

The alarm doesn’t go off on a loss of power. I have one of these that I have plugged into a GE module and I turn it off every morning and turn it back on every night. And Yes I have the battery installed.

Has anyone found a fix for this problem, I have two of these sirens and both come on and off line all the time. They are running on outlet power with battery back up. They work great when they stay hooked up. Any ideas for a fix or what the problem is? Thanks