Fortrezz flood sensor FTS05

I just bought Fortrezz Flood Sensor FTS05 from Aartech Canada. Ive check a Youtube video explaining how to pair it to Veraplus console. At the end of the video, we can see that the subdevice Flood Sensor has an icon to arm/unarm. I already have a Fibaro Flood Sensor in my Zwave network and it looks the same has in the Fortrezz Youtube video (arm/unarm). However, once I paired Fortrezz Flood Sensor FTS05 with my Vera, the subdevice Temperature is working well but the subdevice Flood Sensor appears has a unknown zwave device with ON/OFF buttons instead of an arm/unarm icon… Ive unpaired/paired a few time… nothing changed. Ive unpair + factory reset+ pair… nothing changed. Now it has successfully being paired for 48 hours and nothing have changed. Subdevice temperature is working well but subdevice flood sensor still havent been correctly activated. When I click ON OFF I get differents synchronization in progress or error type messages. Someone can help here ?

Yeah… Me too. bought two of them. I called Fortrezz and even though they advertise it works with Vera, they say it will not work with a VeraPlus. They will not take my units back!!! This company is horrible!!! The support person told me I should have checked which controller it works with. I stated “it says compatible with VERA right on the web site”. He states that it is with the OLDer controllers and blames me for the issue. He said I should have sent a text before buying. REALLY!!! I should not take the website’s information seriously.

A company that blames customers for their issues will not last long.

I would stay away from Fortrezz

Hello there,

I’m really sorry to hear this but I would recommend the following settings to be done, and there is a chance this device might work, at least as a flood sensor.

You can try to change the category and subcategory to a Leak sensor:

Then change the device file and json, to ones used by the Leak sensor.

Our Customer Care can give you a hand with this as well. However, I’m not sure it will perform correctly.

Hi there, I have a VeraEdge controller with two Fortrezz Zwave Plus Water Flood and temperature sensor. My only problem is I do not receive the notification from the Vera apps in my Iphone. Others notification zwave device working fine. The only way to see if the flood sensor working is to open Vera apps in my Iphone and verify in the Dashboard… Is useless for me ;(…

Any idea or help?

thanks you


I bought one of these seeing it was a zwave plus compared to the older model but my vera plus wont configure it right…I got mine from the Vera store and it said it works with vera?.Tech support can probably get it working…