Forgot the outlet

So I just wired up my new home and ran two external cat 6 cables to wire external cameras, however I forget to put an outlet anywhere near the cameras and dont want to run long extension cords. Are there any other options?

The alternative would be to look at Power over Ethernet (POE) cameras. This way the power is injected into cat 6 to power you camera and no requirement to use extension cords at all.

Any recommendations for POE cameras that work well with the Vera?

You have two options:

-Find a camera that has integrated POE support (like was mentioned above)
-Use a POE injector to power a camera that does not have integrated POE support. This will usually give you a bit more freedom in choosing what cameras you want to install, and may be cheaper.

Some manufacturers sell POE injectors for their equipment, and you can also find third party units. Just make sure you match up the power requirements of the camera with the injector.

The most common reference is Foscam and they have bundles which might be suitable.

As an example see: