forgot password on not working? what do i do now?

after initially setting up my veralite for remote access using to forward, i decided that wasn’t as secure as i’d like it. i have set up an openvpn server that i can use to connect to my home network and then access the vera remotely that way…but now i can’t get back into my it kept telling me my password was wrong, so i tried to reset it…got the e-mail, and now when i try logging in with the new password it tells me that one is wrong. what am i supposed to do now?

First, are you using UI5 or are you using UI6/7. If you are using UI6 or 7 you should login at

Are you attempting to login to from the same LAN that Vera is on? If you are, I would suggest trying to login from a different network than the one Vera resides on and see if that makes a difference.

After that, I’d recommend that you open a support ticket.