Force OFF for time period?

I haven’t purchased any z-wave devices or a controller yet. I was wondering if you can do this with the Vera Light:

  1. I’d like to force an outlet to be OFF for an entire period on schedule. For example, I want to keep the entertainment center and all associated devices plugged in to that outlet OFF until the kids homework is done and from 10pm-9am so they don’t get up super early to watch TV.
  2. I want to force lights OUT in the bedrooms after 11pm. I’m always finding the lights get left on all night because the kids turn them on, stay up late, and then don’t turn them off again.

Are these possible or can you only set devices to turn on and off at certain times without the ability to KEEP them off/on?


In short, yes you can do this. You would need a VeraLite and one z-wave receptacle or switch for each plug/device (for an example, Google “zwave ge receptacle”). Once you turn the receptacle on or off with your VeraLite, it will stay on or off until you turn it back on with your VeraLite or another z-wave controller. To avoid someone manually turning the power back on (using the button on the receptacle) you can program your VeraLite with a rule that basically says: between 10pm and 9am, if receptacle is turned on, turn it off.

Thank you for the response. So basically you could turn the light “ON” then it would quickly turn “OFF”? There isn’t a way to disable the physical switch through the zwave protocol?


No, there is not.

  • Garrett