For Sale topic / Market section

On most forums there is a market section. Is there a reason why we do not have it?

Maybe Micasaverde doesn’t want the competition of a used goods market. Or maybe nobody’s willing to sell their stuff. When it comes to Z-Wave stuff, I’m definitely a buyer not a seller.

What have you got to sell?

Not much now, but sometimes I buy a device which I am replacing or I am looking at the second hand market (eg the 3M50 is not for sale in my country, only on the 2nd hand market)

I dont know if I’d be more skeptical buying used zwave stuff or new stuff.
So far, of the last 4x seperate purchases, 3x items have had to be exchanged because they were faulty…
Would second hand be better because at least I know its working, or worse, because I cant exchange it?!!!

@mrcashback - What equipment did you but with such a high failure rate? I know you said it was new, but was it newly manufactured or was it the older surplus stuff that’s still floating around?

@Crismaison - Wouldn’t eBay be a better market for your used stuff anyway?

In my country ebay is not really used to sell. But i was also looking to buy stuff.

As far as I know its relatively new stuff to Australia…
Vera3 - delivered with faulty WiFi radio DOA
Aeon HEM, -what wasn’t wrong with it may be shorter DOA
Schlage le162… wont take any codes, wont reset DOA (still waiting on replacement)

anyone has a verlite for sale