Follow command example

Has anyone had any luck with the example in the tutorials using the “follow” command?
Specifically the one in this link


Hi @BillC

Can you specify the problem you experience , it would be better to investigate in your setup.

Its “office motion scene” I am not sure how long it took, but it wasn’t the 2 hours I have specified. I’m guessing about 30 minutes, it turned the lights off. Do you want a screen shot or can you look at it?


we may need to get the logs related to this meshbot running. Let the support team do that

Hello @BillC!

We’ll be more than happy to take a look into your controller. In order to investigate, could you please share your controller’s serial number via PM? Additionally to this, do you authorize us to create a support username under your account? This can give us access to your controller’s settings which are necessary to modify log levels so we can acquire as much information from the MeshBot execution as possible.

Looking forward to getting a reply soon.

@slapfrost did I send you my serial number?