Floor plans

I’ve seen on the wiki and also on one of the screenshots, there is an option to upload your floor plan. But I haven’t seen it being used anywhere. Do you have this feature working yet?

Yes, you can upload the floorplan and position devices on it. But the intended use is with a native iphone app, which isn’t done yet. So that’s why that feature is on the backburner.

Aha, now I’m seeing a bigger picture!

Since I’m interested in using other devices besides iPhone as interfaces to Vera, I may try to do it myself. Would be nice to see some of your early renderings of that iPhone interface of yours… Even mock ups would be fine, I guess.

Guys, why limit this to iphone?
Floor plan on your primary web UI would make it so much more appealing to end user!

Floor plan on your primary web UI would make it so much more appealing to end user!

Originally we were going to put it there front and center. But, we did a bit of field testing and were advised the thought of scanning/drawing a floorplan was “scary” and to bury it in the advanced section for the techies… I agree, though, it would be nice to have on the dashboard.

I created a bug report for the web guy. Does this sound like the right approach to you?

“Create a ‘floorplan’ tab on the dashboard that has a pull-down to select the section (floorplan) and then displays the floorplan full size beneath it with all the icons for the devices. When the user clicks on an icon, display a pop toolbox with the same control buttons on the normal dashboard”


The part I’m not sure of is that it requires 2 clicks to select teh device and then the action in the toolbar. But having toolbars next to each device’s icons would make the page really cluttered.

Make it simple.
Look how it’s done in ThinkEssentials - just primitive cubes representing rooms, not a real floor plan, but it still makes UI much more visual and intuitive.

I don’t want to assume anything here, so I’ll ask.

What format’s do the floor plan section support? Any limit to the size?