Flooded with Log Notifications

I just recently began using motion sensors that communicated with the Vera through the alarm panel, and have since noticed an increase in the number of LUUP engine restarts. I believe the problem might be associated with the amount of activity being recorded by the motion sensor. I am receiving tripped/untripped status updates every few seconds, and by 8:00am had 84 pages of notifications, and by 10:00am had maxed out the number of notification pages i could see for the day in MiOS.

I have deleted the notifications for the alarm panel motion sensors in MiOS, however when I view the logs via SSH I am still being flooded with activity from these motion sensors. Is there a way in the DSC alarm panel plugin to set the logs back to debug level? Or any suggestions for how to decrease the number of events I am seeing (I was thinking of somehow setting a timer in my code so that I only update to an untripped state after a certain amount of time has passed)?