Flir FX

Does anyone have one of these cameras?

If so, will it work with the Vera Lite?


I am not sure but your answer may lie in this.

[url=]Connecting to IP Cameras

However, I wonder how long before something occurs where a jury is looking at and interpreting perfectly innocent goings on inside a home. A subpoena to cloud storage video feed is just around the corner if it hasn’t happened yet.

…See ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I told you he was a nose picker. This video proves that the defendant could easily flick a booger the 15 feet required to get to my clients table. Clearly the boogers on my clients plate were flicked there by the defendant and not when my client picked up his dirty Kleenex! The irresponsible actions of this defendant caused great bodily injury and mental anguish to my client making her unable to continue to work in her profession as a food critic. She may never eat couscous again without recalling the horrifying event. We must send a message that irresponsible nose pickers have no place in our society and ask that you award my client commensurate to her pain and suffering.

I don’t worry about the overtly nefarious nits as much as the ones in authority with agendas of their own. We already have Facebook and Twitter being used to prove offensive behavior whether it was intentional or not. Lives can be destroyed as the outraged masses tie their next witch to the burning stake, hang a scarlet letter, or run them out of town on a rail. Its not how you perceive things it is how others perceive things about you… logical or not. No thanks not for me.