Flickering Lights with GE Dimmer Switch

I’ve bought 20 GE 2-way and 3-way switches and had the electrician install three of the 2-ways and one of the 3-ways. We have all Cree LED recessed lighting to control. But in all the rooms the switches are “flaky” and the have a massive flicker going on - sometimes at random and always when one of the lights in the adjacent rooms is switched on or off (from VERA or manually). The package said no CFLs (which I do not have) and Jasco is falling back on the “only incandecent” which is apparently in the manual. Anyone have any ideas?

I am unfortunately well past the return date on these (new construction so the calendar slipped a few months).

Sounds like you got z-wave dimmers - I’ve only seen incandescent dimmers labeled NO CFL’s. I am assuming your led fixtures don’t have dimming drivers? If not, I’m sorry to say, you bought the wrong switches… your electrician should have caught this. If he didn’t have to wire a neutral to the switch and he knew you had smart switches (meaning the switches need power - he should have known this if they have an LED indicator), he should have caught this problem.

Please post the model number(s) of your dimmers.

I had/have the same problem with my MR16 12VDC 4" Can lights, I am currently by-passing the transformer in each can and changing the sockets to GU10’s which ar the same lamp basically except 110VAC.

My Leviton switches were more forgiving with the low voltage lights, but I think the lights are still incompatible. My Intermatics actually flicker from time to time, and some make the transformers buzz. Once converted to line voltage, the lights are working normally.

You’ll have no problem selling the GE’s that you have on the forum here, but you’ll probably have to pay more for some compatible Cooper or Leviton dimmers for LED.

Seeing that your using cans for lighting, this may not work, but I figured I would mention it anyway. Also, I’ve only tried this with dimmable LED’s, so if you are using non-dimmable LED bulbs, this may not work.

If you use a single low wattage incandescent in one of the sockets that are controlled by the dimmer, the rest of the sockets can be dimmable LED’s. This actually works out perfectly, with smooth transitions as well as no flickering. I have several ceiling light fixtures setup like this (you can’t actually see the bulbs so the average user doesn’t realize your using mixed bulbs).

I was in a similar situation with the GE switches, they are so cheap it’s hard to walk away but I didn’t install immediatly either. Unfortunately I’m now stuck with a box full of GE switches and new Leviton switches in the walls. Good luck and I hope it works out better for you.