Flat AC Mains cables for PG&E in CA

Hi all,

I am installing an Aeon Home Energy Monitor and am having issues in getting the clamps installed. I live in CA and PG&E is my provider. The AC mains cables going into my main panel are flat and sheathed in plastic (look kind of like a thin belt as opposed to normal, round cables). I am told by my electrician that this is normal for newer PG&E panels. As a result, I am unable to get the clamps around the AC mains for the entire house, and instead just have them on the cables for a sub-panel. Obviously, this means I am tracking energy use for only half the house, and would love to find a way to monitor everything.

Has anyone else run into this problem, and if so, were you able to come up with a solution?


There’s a thread that covers discussion relating to different sized clamps being available. This is [roughly] the middle of that discussion:

I have a different Energy Monitoring tool, from Brultech, and it’s clamps are large enough to get around the flat-bar style that comes into newer NorCal Properties. Not sure how interchangeable ones from third parties are though, so you’ll want to chase up first with Aeon themselves to see if they have options for you.