First windows 8.1 release of the windows store app

I finally got a version out for windows 8.1. All the setting related stuff now runs from the settings hub built into the OS. I hope everyone finds it much cleaner and easier to work with.

What’s it called? is it the 10 euro one???

Yeah, it is a bit tricky to follow the version information. This thread is about this app here → Microsoft Apps

I have Grasshopper for windows phone installed and there seems to be no updates or other version available yet the app store lists the latest version to be The store also says “Last updated” 5/8/2013.

Also the information att seems far from “up to date”.

I have no problem with grasshopper itself, I love the app but I get worried/confused when this kind of information is not what it is supposed to be.

My version is dated from June 4…not sure when the update will be pushed.

So the versioning is kinda screwy. I’ll try to explain. When i originally wrote the first windows phone version microsoft didn’t allow supporting windows phone 7 and 7.5 at the same time so i just kept incrementing the version, hence the reason you see 2.1.x.x out there. You are most likely not on windows phone 8 if that is what you are seeing in the store. I do not support that version any more hence the reason there have been no updates for over a year. Now with windows phone and store versions 8 and beyond they now allow for support of multiple OS versions of apps, but you have to version them in a way so they will never overlap. So moving forward the windows 8 apps will be 1.x, the windows 8.1 apps will be 2.x and moving beyond that they will most likely be versions 3.x, 4.x, etc. Since i’m a single dev doing this in my spare time i will eventually stop supporting the older versions of the OSs once the newer versions get more usage. For instance the windows 8.1 is a mandatory update so i can’t imagine supporting 8.0 for too much longer, so get your boxes updated. As for windows phone 8 it will be a while before 8.1 is out there more so i’ll support Windows Phone 8 for probably another year. Below is the current version for each OS

Windows Phone OS 7.1 - - Not supported anymore
Windows Phone OS 8.0 - - Actively supported
Windows Store OS 8.0 - - Actively supported
Windows Store OS 8.1 - - Actively supported

Hope that helps. Thanks.

Spencer :slight_smile:

P.S. I will agree i need to update the website. I think i always start out working on it then actually go work on the app instead. :slight_smile:

You are doing the right thing, prioritizing the app over updating homepage. We all appreciate your work!

Thanks for your work on Windows and especially Windows Phone!