First light switch which one?

Good evening fellow zwavers.

I am about to invest in my first z-wave device which has will be a light switch but I am struggling to find the one I need. My Lounge has two light fixtures which are operated by two separate switches on a double switch faceplate. Each light fixture has 3x led non smart bulbs which I don’t plan to replace at this moment in time.

Ideally I would like to find a zwave switch that can control both light fixtures independently as they are now and must retain a physical ability to turn the lights on and off. It would be nice to be able to dim via zwave but physically that isn’t a requirement and would require new bulbs first anyway.

My lights are two wire UK so behind the current switches are 4 cables 2 for each fixture. Total wattage load is 18 watts per fixture.

Any suggestions pretty please.


Not aware of UK wiring standards but if you really only have two wires to each switch and no neutral in the box you’re going to have trouble. If you do have a neutral in the box then I would suggest looking at one of the dual in-box mini relays. With them you can keep your existing switches and one relay will control the two switches.

They will be a live from each lamp with a switched live going back. The neutral will only be at the light fitting. There will be two earth wires too.
Brown will be live. Blue should have a brown sleeve at the end to show switched live.

Do you mean a new switch or just a way to control the lights with zwave, I presume you mean from a Vera?
If the latter do you have access to the light fitting on the ceiling as probably have live, switched love and neutral there. If you do you can use and manufacturer relay device there, however that probablymeans 2 relays. As dimming is not a requirement I think there Figaro 2x rekaysbwork with only 2 wire, ie no neutral. Vesternet had the best guides for UK wiring and options.