Fingerprint Scanners/Sensors - Has there been any progress here?

I have wondered if there has been any progress in either the realm of Z-Wave or Zigbee when it comes to stand-alone fingerprint scanners that can interact with other devices on the network. I know that some doors have built-in scanners, but what about stand-alone ones when you already have door locks and don’t want to buy brand new ones just for the scanner?

Stand Alone is the only solution for you otherwise you need to look at BMS (Building Management Systems). No manufacturer of Access Systems is going to make a Z-Wave enabled Biometric - the market is to small.
Stand Alone is relatively simple enough as you can incorporate a Z-wave relay into the mix and have your cake and eat it to.

Link to Biometric Stand Alone.

Hmmm. Unit price, blank. Total, blank lol. Looking at similar units on Google, price is $600-$1200+ a unit. If it was that complicated, I would just use a rasp pi with a $40 Kensington biometric scanner slide into a USB port :slight_smile:

That’s too bad though. It would be nice ot have a cost efficient Z-Wave or Zigbee solution that can slap on the wall somewhere like a Aeotec remote. One day maybe. Even if it is something using another protocol that has to be integrated via Tuya, Alexa, Google, etc.

One talks Security and Building Management Systems here, professional use not tinkerers.
WiFi is never going to happen. LOL look back at the dilemma S2 has brought onto the Z-Wave market- it’s dreamland only thinking a professional system is going to be sold for $40. But hey, what’s stopping you from doing it …
Don’t worry about the blank’s - it’s for serious users only.

You’re right. I should just give up and hire a 24/7 armed security service to patrol my house with. Maybe have some commercial metal scanners at the front door too. Maybe use one of those scanners from the airports everyone is afraid of. Because when I think Z-Wave, I think commercial-grade protection for my…wait, nevermind. I see now. A sales guy .