FindVera TXT messages and emails

Has anyone else noticed this just won’t work or is WAAAAAY slow? I’ve had some scenes go on and off over the weekend which is directed to send me an SMS, that’s never worked and the email that it sends are DAYS or at least HOURS old.

If this notification was set to a flood sensor I’d be flooded out by this point…

Why the delay and since the FindVera service is a paid service, this MUST be more reliable…Any suggestions or comments from the MiCasaVerde IT folks?

I have been having a problem the past couple of days with delayed messages. Previously, I would get them anywhere from a minute to 10 minutes after the event.


I heard last week the MCV was installing some new servers maybe that is the problem .
MCV - can you elaborate!

I heard from MiCasaVerde support this AM and turns out that these messages were only delayed at the most a few seconds. I guess I was under the assumption that a scene couldn’t turn OFF unless it was ON, but not so, so the messages were coming through fine. I’ll be doing some more tests here but once MCV support went over some of the settings and looked at the database, it appears it’s working fine.

I just setup a Schlage door lock scene to notify me when I lock and unlock the door, and where someone attempts a bad code. It’s working perfect and the messages are delivered quickly to both my cell phone and email

***I re-tested this at 8pm ET this evening and the sms messages and emails arrived promptly.

do you know what they did to get sms messages/emails sending again?

I armed my motion detectors and set them off today to test, and 7 hours later, no email or sms messages.

I know the scene (Intruder Alert!) triggered because all the lights went on.

I’m not consistently getting emails. Once in a while they arrive, but more often, they don’t.
Is there a maximum frequency of emails that can be sent in a given period of time?