Did I miss something? We got home last night and we thought Vera was down. Digging deeper we realized that is non-accessible…mobile site included. Is this a temporary issue or is MCV phasing this out?

It’s finally getting me motivated to upgrade to UI4, but their link for their firmware restoration utility is a dead link so I’m stuck with local access only until something gives. >:(

Do you have a vera1 or vera2? If you have a vera2, does this link not work for you when trying to upgrade UI2 to UI4?

  • Garrett

Findvera has been down since last friday’sh including mobile. Check the threads above regarding “server outage” for mcv response.

Vera1 running .979. I finally ‘upgraded’ to UI4 to get around this and am now a MiOS user. I miss findvera. My family misses it more. None of us are very happy with the ‘new’ interface. :-\ Oh well. server ra1 is back up as of this afternoon.

I’m still having problems. It says:

You are connected to your home network. Click the button below to connect directly to Vera while at home. Normally no password is required.

but then it says vera is not found on home network below it.

I’m unable to get into the control portion of findvera to check wifi settings or attempt an upgrade to the software. Is anyone else experiencing this? Does anyone know how to fix it? I would send in a ticket thru my account, but like I said above, I can’t get in because the vera is not found on my home network.

My vera has been working flawless until the last few days. Can anyone help or can someone from MCV help me?


Please contact Tech Support from here: Don’t forget to specify your Vera serial number.

Looks like there’s another problem with

The page loads, but after login I get a curl error

CURL ERROR: couldn’t connect to host

This is getting old, I really wish I could serve this page up myself, but this request seems to continually fall on deaf ears.

thank you mcvflorin. i used your link and sent in a ticket with my serial number.