service from behind a firewall.

I’m currently using another linksys router with custom WRT54G firmware to get PPTP VPN and some other monitoring benefits at the house. Vera is working fine but I can’t use the findvera service since it’s reporting back the server using an internal ip address as opposed to my external static ip address. Question is as follows.

  1. Can I change a configuration file on my vera box to manually give it my external ip 65.x.xx.xx so that when it talk to the findvera server it will update the server with my external ip not my internal ip? At that point can I forward the SSL traffic through my linksys to the vera?

  2. Or can I setup a PPTP VPN server on Vera and use it as my primary authenticating router (I use dsl). I see the option to d/l it from the repo on the router advanced gui but I’m not sure if the router has enough memory or horsepower to run a pptp VPN server.

Any help would be appreciated.

I would think that many would like to use the service but not use the vera as the primary firewall for the house since it is doing so many other things on the zwave side any problem caused on the router do to zwave or other problems could cause the homeowner to loose and that could complicate things.


Jose service uses outgoing ssh connection and works fine from behind a firewall (as long as the outgoing port is not blocked) - many people use it this way and private IP address is not an issue.

I over thought this I just plugged it in and it worked.

Thanks for the help.