login failed

I have my vera2 working with access from LAN. I can also access it from Iphone, both 3G(via internet) and via LAN using Ivera APP.
But when accessing using I get the “login Failed” error (plus a general comment (Vera not found on your home network).
Also getting a “500 - Internal server…” error accessing via UI4, network and Advanced configuration.
I have also performed the Network Troubleshooting without error.
It is configured as Switch
I have tried configured with DHCP and Fixed IP, same result.

I can access my account via and can see my Vera device with the right IP address.

Simply can’t get to accept my login.
Any help?

If you are running U14 your access is through not

You should use, as something seems to be wrong with’s SSL certificate …

Then access your system via ‘MiOS Systems’ → ‘Dashboard’

Thanks very much - I just followed the instruction with the new Vera2 just arrived. THANKS