FindVera activation after firmware update

Finally got around to updating the firmware to a LUUP enabled version, so installed 1.0.988. Seems to work well with my 4 remote thermostats, but I’m having a problem getting access to it from

Here’s the problem: I know I need to activate the findvera service (like on a bunch of other releases), but when I try to enter my username and password on Vera, I get an error message that the username is already taken and it won’t allow activation.

Oookay, so just define another username, right? Sorry, that doesn’t work either since the same error message comes up regardless of what name I enter.

So, how do I enable the existing (or any other) username on the Vera box to be able to use Findvera?

Does this have anything to do with the error flag indicating that Vera doesn’t have an internet connection in the “net and wifi” page? (Which doesn’t make any sense anyway since it clearly does).

Would appreciate any help on this.

Hi RandyS,

Do you still have this problem? Can you please send a trouble ticket from Advanced > Tech Support? State this error in the ticket and we will help with this.

I finally found the fix to this, but it was really strange.

Even after rebooting, Vera would not recognize an internet connection. After traveling to the remote site where Vera sits, I unplugged the connection to the DSL modem and reconnected. Where reboots, resets, and no amount of fiddling would do it, this forced a reconnection and showed up as a valid internet connection. After that, the behavior of the Findvera tab changed and allowed the same account name that I’d been using before.

Support suggested that there might have been a physical connector problem that caused this. I cannot entirely rule that out, but the connection had not been changed from before the update, at which time it was working. Rather, it seems to me that there are two distinct systems at work inside Vera and they got out of sync somehow. The flag indicating “no internet connection” did not prohibit me from accessing the internet from a machine directly behind Vera (which is set up as a switch since the modem has a NAT firewall in it).

All is now working, but it is a bit unsettling to not understand completely this interaction. I’ve been considering options where I would not always have easy physical access to vera, but it’s not quite to that point yet.