Fibaro window sensor won't wake up

I’m having a problem with this sensor. First it’s reading opposite of what it should. MCV can’t fix it. Tried excluding, resetting the sensor per manufacturer’s procedure, and including it again. The problem is it’s been sitting for 32 hours and hasn’t woken up yet to do it’s configuration (included fine).

It’s hitched up to contacts instead of the included magnet. This is the only thing I can think of barring the wake up but all my other ones have woken up fine to configure.


I had lots of issues trying to resolve the issue but i had to remove the sensor from the roor and click 3 times on the rear tamper to get it to include and configure

Also you need to make sure on the device config that you don’t have it set to Normally open as opposed to normally closed or vice versa dependant on your needs.

In the settings ensure that this isn’t set to zero to either wake up or poll

Thanks. I ended up doing the same thing, ripped it off the window (that tape is STRONG) and clicked the button on the back about 5 times.

An exclude and include again fixed the reverse reading problem.