Fibaro universal universal sensor stopped working partely

Hello all,

In my heating room I have some Zwave devices , also a universal sensor from fibaro. Hooked up on this fibaro are 4x DS18B20 temperature sensors with cable and 1 microswitch.

This has been working for about 8 months. Since a couple of weeks I see the temperatures are not changing anymore. When I check the microswitch on that sensor , the switch is working fine , when I do a stress test , it is fine as well,but the temperatures remain the same. ( they have sensible temperatures, that’s way I noticed it only lately. )

What can be wrong?
*the fibaro device partly broken?
*all temperature sensors broken?
*one temperature sensor broken?

I kind of expect that one ( or more) of the temperature sensors are defective. But how can I check this?
Exchanging all of the sensors , that is a hellish work, since they are all put away at places I can reach very difficult.
Is there a way I can measure something on the cables of a sensor, before I remove it? and remove one which is working normally?

Thanks, Cor

That is so wierd … the temperatures haven’t been updating for ages …I just looked … guess what … new temperatures … I don’t get it :-X

Hello Cor,

I have found this sometimes happens, and I just do a “Settings” “Configure Node Right Now” and all the temperatures come back.

Of interest, how accurate are you finding the temperature readings? I have two Fibaro Universal Sensor Units running with weatherproof encapsulated DS18B20s installed. I find the temperatures reported are typically 2C above the temperature measured by other external devices. None of the forums are reporting any temperature variations so I am wondering what I may have that is different. I have ordered more sensors from another supplier, but would be interested in your experience on accuracy. I am measuring pool temperature ( 10-30C) and solar panel surface temperature (10-48C) . When the solar panel surface temp goes higher than 35C the variation of inaccuracy grows. ???

Thanks OldGreyB

@ OldgreyB:

I think it had to do with a bad wireless connection, I moved the sensor a bit , and now it is updating reguarly.

Concerning the temperatures, I haven’t looked in depth , but they seem OK for me, altough I have hooked them up in my heating room to measure watertemperature, where 1 or 2 degrees off are not so important. I am hooking 2 up in my living room in 1-2 months , there I can measrure accurately , I will come back to you than.