Fibaro Universal Sensor


I am looking at getting a few of the Fibaro Universal Sensors and had a query on their configuration.

I am looking to create a very simple door lock sensor, such that when the circuit from GRD to IN1 is joined the status changes and then when broken the status changes back. Effectively this will just create a shorty circuit from GRD to IN1 through some wire. As there will be minimal to no resistance in this circuit, I am wondering if this will burn out the sensor or power supply? I.e. this is just like putting a wire between the two terminals of a battery, which very quickly drains the battery.

Is there a resistor built into the Universal sensor to stop this occurring? Or is there only pulse of power through the IN1 to check if the circuit is broken or not?

Could you please let me know if this simple setup would work and if not how I could get this to work (i.e. put a resistor in my simple circuit)

The Fibaro Universal Sensor is designed to work just as you want. Using a switch contact directly between the INx and GRD terminals will not cause any damage regardless of how long it is closed. The sensor has a built-in pull-up resistor.

Excellent, thanks for the response, having a built in resistor is exactly what I was looking for! Many thanks!