Fibaro switch for garage door and gate not switching off

I just received the fibaro 2 x 1.5kW relay switches and included the switch to my Vera lite as described in the manual.
Now I see three new Appliance modules in my devices. One of them is controlled by Vera, and the other 2 are controlled by that one…
Is this what it is supposed to do?

So I checked using physical switches what switch, switches what and connected it to the door and gate I am controlling using 2 second trigger scenes.
This works once… Then the second time the switches fail to switch off and the door and gate gets stuck.
I am then not able to switch off that switch.

ANY help would be appreciated.


I’ve not got one, but I seem to recall the reason you have 3 devices on the dash is because one is the parent device the others two are the children. So the the IDs of the switches to use would be the 2 child devices,if you know what I mean. You might find some joy in this post -,12500.0.html