Fibaro sensors disconnected after battery change

Good morning,

I have three Fibaro sensors (two 3-in-1 and one smoke sensor), that used to work fine with my now older Vera Lite box (running UI7) for several months. I recently had to change the battery, and since then this is really a freaking nightmare:

  • The motion part of the 3-in-1 are not detected any more. Light and temperature are…
  • The smoke sensor is not detected, even though a manual test using the diagnostic menu of the sensor clearly shows it is in range

This could be linked to a firmware upgrade, I honestly did not check everything, but this kind of undermines several functions of my setup (in particular light control)

Any guidance would be appreciated


Had the exact same issue a few months ago, with the same devices… I ended up excluding/including the sensors which fixed the issue… Not a very elegant solution.

But oddly enough, after the re-including the batterylevel variable of the 3-in-1 motion sensor did not appear until a few weeks later when the battery level changed and got reported by the device to the Vera… Forcing a poll did not yield anything though the device does wake up as expected on a periodic basis.

I’ll soon have to change the battery of one of my Fibaro door/window sensors… I hope it will go better than for the smoke and motion sensors.

Yup, same thing happened to me with a Fibaro door sensor (two, actually.) That’s battery devices for you: can’t live without them, can’t live with them.

On the topic of Fibaro devices: it seems to be possible to upgrade the firmware of the sensors using a Fibaro HC, but I could not find an option using Vera ?

Would be useful especially for my window blind controls, which are Fibaro, and require when using the manual switch to switch from neutral to up/down, instead of directly from up to down or vice versa to work. Not sure if there is a firmware fix for that though

I have four Fibaro Door/Window sensors. Every one of them has refused to work after (dead) battery replacement, they all needs to be excluded and included again. I have a bunch of the motion detectors as well, it has happened with them too. Drives me mad. It has nothing to do with accidentally resetting the device while replacing battery, as indicated in this article:

Now, I guess if low battery notification in Vera UI7 actually worked, it might be a chance to replace the battery before it runs out, I don’t know if that will work better for the Fibaro sensors. In fact, Vera never notifies me about low battery, even though I have told her to do so. It used to kind of work on UI5.