Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 (FGRM-222) Problem: Opened and closed without a command

Dear all,

I encountered a very serious and critical problem with Fibaro Roller Shutter.
Almost all of my shutters are opened and closed several times one after another without any command. (There is no scene or trigger that might cause this behavior, nobody were in contact with the system.)

Just after this behavior, there occurred power failure in neighbor. There is a probability that mains voltage fluctuated up and down during this period.
I can understand that Fibaro device doesn’t function except 230V -+%10. But it is unacceptable those devices are opening up and down several times whatever the problem is. I consider it as being a very critical security vulnerability.

Is there anybody that encountered a similar problem?



do you have a solution for your problem? i have the same issue… blinds are going up and down sometimes without using the switch or scenes…

THanks for your help,

Interesting, I’ve got 3 FGR221’s and they have been flawless. I was going to buy another 3 but found out they’ve been discontinued and have been replaced by the FGR222. I hope there isn’t a flaw with them. Also just a thought, parameter 29 isn’t set to 1 is it?

I have problems with blinds moving when not commanded to do so. The log file shows no commands have been issued by Vera. More importantly, I have seen this happen when Vera was powered off. I’ve also seen a case where one blind moving has caused an adjacent blind to move.

In normal operation, pushing the up or down button when the blind is moving, will stop it moving. The same occurs when phantom moves occurs - you can stop the movement with the buttons. So the controller knows it’s moving the blind, else the buttons would act as if the blind was stationary. ie The buttons would act as up/down buttons, not as stop buttons. This implies the controller is acting as if the button had been operated (hope that makes sense).

I have very long switch wires on my FGRM-222s controlling a group of windows. Switch wires are about 3 to 7 metres depending on the blind. Not too sure how to prove it but I think the switch lines are being triggered by electrical noise? Noting that with momentary switches, the switch lines are probably feeding a high impedance input, making the inputs more susceptible to noise. However, if software and some hardware debouncing has been employed, there should be no problems.

I think I need to wire mine differently and/or try another controller like Qubino. I don’t believe it’s a Vera problem.

Do your blinds move when Vera is powered off?
When the phantom move occurs what does the log file show (or not show)?
Do you have long or short switch wires (please specify actual wire length)?
Is this just one controller on one window or a bunch of controllers for a group of windows?
Are switch wires bundled together?
Are switch wires bundled together with motor/controller power feeds?

just installed my fibaro 2 shutter its going up and down on its own. Any solution to this

If you are using a Vera controller, and you performed calibration command via Vera, you need to verify that the calibration command is deleted.

thx it seem to be working, but now unable to set scene STOP to stop the blinds. when i click stop it adds 2 actions…like stop and 75% or any % .

Read my message, maybe it’s also a solution for you,38794.0.html

Thx guys everything is working properly now