Fibaro RGBW controller no longer give the "choose" button to pick color

@Sorin, or any other user. I am having an issue with IOS and any browser when I want to change the color of any of my LEDs I no longer have the “choose” button. This happened after I upgraded to 7.0.29 on both of my controllers. This on each of my IOS devices and also on Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge(browser), and Safari. Am I missing something hereor was this due to the firmware?

Hi there,

The implementation has been changed a few versions back, although still a bit odd if you ask me :slight_smile: Because the color is selected automatically when you select it and click/tap outside of the dialog window.

On the Mobile Apps including iOS, however, you still need to press on Done, after picking the color.

in the iOS app I do not have the done option (multiple devices).